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hey everyone.. [Jul. 12th, 2004|12:48 pm]
Art Elitists
Hey hey! to all....
i joined this community in hopes of promoting my shit and for the general fun of it... who could resist a community with a name such as "art elitists"... unfortunately, ive been very busy with moving my home that i still havent gotten a chance to update my long-overdue-for-an-update website (amylloglisci.com) to even show off my artwork, much less make new things within the past.. month?(estimate)... anyway, as ive been told and warned before, this site community is dying and i think it shouldnt, cos there are tons of art lovers and makers on LJ, and we just hafta promote the shit out of this bitch on other communities and whatnot.. possibly add more artists or interests to the interest list on the profile so that it will come up more often when LJ users do searches & make a promo banner... as well as the whole new mods thing... well... that said, anyone else have any ideas?