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Art Elitists

Faithfully Ripping Your Art to Pieces

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**NOTE** We are currently looking for moderators! If you're like to be a moderator, please post an application first! Then, if you're accepted, contact me, the maintainer, at chrisamaphone@yahoo.com (or comment in my journal, chrisamaphone).

This community is for visual artists who think they are above the rest in talent and want to prove it with the chivalrous act of... ASKING THE INTERNET!

This community is intended to be very blunt. If you're tired of showing your art to friends and having them telling you "That's nice, dear," and never quite knowing how good it really IS... this is your chance to find out from honest critics.

The rules are similar to those of face-rating (such as newnonuglies), poetry-rating (such as poetryslamming), and journal-rating communities. If you're not familiar with that sort of thing, or even if you are, please READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU APPLY!

1) Upon joining the community, your first post must be your application.

2) Your application MUST include at least 3 original pictures of a reasonable size (at LEAST 200*200) so that we may get an accurate, definitive picture of what your art is like. Please put all large, bandwidth-consuming posts under a cut. DO NOT POST LINKS. We hates them.
In addition to your work, please state the MEDIUM (acrylic paint, pencil, ink, digital [state the program(s) that you used to create it, i.e. Photoshop, Paintshop...], clay... whatever). NO PHOTOGRAPHY (see rule 4.5). Note important technique information. You can put a bio, but we probably won't care.

3) Once you post artwork, the other accepted members and mods will vote either Yes or No in the comments. After you've collected a good number of votes, a mod will tally them and give you a stamp telling you that you're either accepted or rejected. Once you are accepted, you may vote on others' work.

4) What kind of art to post -- this is where it gets a little tricky. Basically, ANYTHING is fair game, but be warned that it may be judged with a bias against your style. It would be impossible to do otherwise.
Obviously, one person's opinion of "good art" varies from the next.
We will try as hard as possible to be unbiased towards your genre. What defines "good art" is obviously very subjective. If you come here looking for people to find the incredibly symbolic message of your black dot on a white background, this may not be the place for you.
In general, what we look for is something both unique and skillfully created.
We aim to judge about 75% on skill and technique, 24% on uniqueness, and maybe 1% on whether we like your genre/style or not, but we are only human, so try to take as little offense as possible if someone insults you because mosaic Impressionism just isn't hip anymore, or because your cubist ideas just don't strike a chord.
Obviously, things like anime, digital art, and realism are some of the easiest things to judge because we can just see how it aesthetically appeals to us. Others are not so easy. Be warned and take as little offense as possible.

4.5) All mediums are fine, EXCEPT photography. (The reasons for this have to do with nudity and deception and stuff like that). Exceptions to that exception would be a photograph of a work, such as a picture of a painting or sculpture. But photography as art in itself, digitally edited or not, is not accepted. If you have any questions over whether your art is ok to be posted, talk to a mod. Oh, and in case you missed somewhere that this was a *visual* art community - no songs, poetry, plays or other rubbish. Just eye candy please.

5) If you are unstamped, comments to posts are ok! You won't get banned if you don't get accepted. By all means, stick around and admire the art, comment to your hearts content. You just can't make actual posts to the main community page unless you're accepted.

6) IF YOU ARE VOTING, put your vote ("yes" or "no") in the subject of your comment. This will make it much easier on mods.

7) Once you're accepted, post as regularly as you can! This doesn't mean you HAVE to, it just means it'd be nice. We like to look at pretty art, and this is the place to show it off.

8) Don't flame. Be constructive. By NO means should you ever feel obligated to tell someone you like their work when you don't, but if you're going to say "I HATE this piece," explain why. Build a better artist rather than just pissing someone off.
If it's a matter of disagreeing over style or symbolism or meaning or something of the sort, get over it. People have opinions. Deal with it. DO NOT FLAME. Civil debate is fine, wonderful. But petty remarks will not be tolerated.

9) Mods have final say on anything. Break the rules to an extent that it pisses us off and you're gone.

10) Mods will try to update the list of accepted members as soon as possible, so don't get snippy.

11) Have FUN. Don't lose all your self esteem if you don't get in. Don't act like an ass. You'll only make yourself look worse. On the other hand, don't go totally dicking around with an ego the size of Montana slamming everyone's art but your own.

12) Nudity is totally fine. Just no photography, k? K.

13) Seriously guys, don't steal other people's stuff and post it here. That's just silly. Fanart is ok, just credit the original artist.

14) If you get rejected, you MAY try again, but not for at least 30 days. There can be exceptions to this if you have a special case, but please CONTACT A MOD and obtain permission before reposting your application within that 30 day time period.

I think that's it. I'll probably add more.

Current mods:
chrisamaphone (maintainer)

Current accepted members: